Project Showcase

The Pema Hotel Inventory System

Hotel organizations are invariably competing to ensure service quality and are facing many challenges in terms of inventory management that directly impact overall customer satisfaction. Therefore, The Pema Hotel Inventory System is a comprehensive web application designed to automate the inventory management of The Pema by Realm. With its user-friendly interface and functionalities, the system offers real-time visibility and control over stock availability, enabling efficient management of inventory levels. Authorized users can request items from inventory and receive automatic notifications on the status of their request, ensuring effective communication between the users. The system further streamlines procurement activities by simplifying the ordering process, managing vendor information and generating purchase orders and goods receipt notes. It generates reports that provide valuable information about inventory levels, enabling them to make informed decisions. Additionally, the system incorporates an alerting mechanism to automate the inventory replenishment process. By setting thresholds, the system monitors inventory levels and generates alert notification when items reach the baseline, ensuring time restocking and preventing stock outs. The system guarantees the seamless functioning of hotel inventory, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.



Sonam Dema (12190081) 

Dhendup Ghishing (12190048)

Tenzin Kelzang (12190088) 

Dorji Gyeltshen (12190049)

Tshering Dorji (12190093) 

Gyeltshen Wangchuk (12190052)

Tshering Penjor (12190097) 

Karma Yangzom (12190058)

Tshewang Dendup (12190100) 

Tshering Dorji (12190092)


Guided By: 

Mr. Sonam Tshering & Ms. Sonam Pemo

Academic Year: Spring Semester 2023