CCA - Integrity Club

Integrity Club

As per the recommendation by Royal Audit Authority and Anti-corruption commission, colleges should incorporate Integrity Club to enhance the accountability and proper budget utilization of all college resources. The club will facilitate and provide in depth analysis in cost management, identify significant risk and provide guidance to improve internal control. Most importantly, this will be the first club at all RUB colleges, to digitalize the auditing process. The club welcomes all the enthusiastic students to become active members. 

Following are the skills that will gain by students by joining the club:
  • Students will develop their critical thinking skill, using logical reasoning to suggest solutions. Students can think critically as they review a club’s records to suggest improvement areas of the club.
  • Helps to develop analytical skills. It will enhance your analytical skill set while auditing a club’s process and record, which is a critical being a young entrepreneur.
  • Helps to develop IT skills by develop the financial software and consistently seek improvement areas of the app.
Through the new digitalized audit system and processes, this club will help to improve efficiency and accuracy of data being audited. The club will help to support greater transparency and clear accountability on all clubs and college on the utilization of the allocated resources – financial and assets.

Lee Chee Yong
(Club Advisor)

Nima Gyaltshen
(Club Advisor)