CCA - Literary & Interactive Arts

Literary & Interactive Arts

The Literary and Interactive Arts Club is a vibrant community of young artists and creative thinkers who come together to explore their passions and hone their talents. The club will be focusing on Visual Arts (Music, Dance, Instruments, and Theatre), Creative Writing, and Digital Content Creation. We foster creativity, innovation, and self-expression through an array of activities that cater different artistic disciplines and philosophy. We encourage our members to explore new ideas, collaborate with others, and pursue their passions.

  • To unleash and hone each member’s skills and talents through various activities and workshops.
  • To boost the morale of each member and become confident individuals in their respective specializations.
  • To allow them to express themselves and build a fun and friendly environment.

Thubten Zepa
(Club Advisor)

Chimi Dema
(Club Advisor)

Lance Lopera
(Club Advisor)