School Affairs

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School Affairs

Lee Chee Yong

(Team Lead)

Estate Management (EM)

Karan Gurung
(Estate Manager)

Team Engineering Services

The electricity, carpentry and plumbing services make up the Engineering Services Unit. They supervise and spearhead day-to-day operations and upkeep of the college assets.

  • Plans, manages and implements comprehensive maintenance and refurbishment programs for the college.
  • Project manages all professional procurement and delivery of major and minor capital projects ranging from new buildings and campus improvements to alterations and refurbishment projects. This include preparing options appraisals and making recommendations for the improvement, refurbishment or alteration of buildings.
  • Manages local authority and statutory approval processes including planning applications, building regulation approvals, and other relevant approvals relating to the college.

Core Team

Sonam Deki

(Senior Electrician)

Sangay Tenzin


Karma Yeshi

Leki Tshering
(Plumbing Support)

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Nima Rinchen

Sherab Wangchuk
(Plumbing Support)

Team Facilities Management

The facility management unit consist of gardeners and cleaning support staff.

They are specifically responsible for the following:
  • Administrating prayer services and major religious events for the college.
  • Ensuring healthy and good cleanliness practices of the classrooms, offices, labs, buildings and external areas.
  • Landscaping and beautification of the campus with local flowers and plants.
  • Maintaining of vegetables garden on campus.

Core Team

Tshering Tshomo


Karma Loday


Jamyang Choephel


Lhendup Wangmo


(Cleaning Support)

Tshering Zangmo

Tashi Lhamo

(Cleaning Support)

Kinga Zangmo

(Cleaning Support)

Security Services

Core Team

Jigme Singye

(Security Guard)

Sonam Rinzin

(Security Guard)

Thinley Dorji

(Security Guard)

Chimi Wangyal

(Security Guard)

Food Services (FS)

Our Food Services function has a team of experienced cooks to prepare daily meals for all students on campus.

The key responsibilities include:
  • Management of monthly stipend for the entire student population. Maintaining collaborative relationships with key suppliers for effective kitchen operations.
  • Regular sourcing of food supplies from local farmers for reliable ingredients.
  • Ensure food hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen.
  • On special events and cultural activities for the college, the food services team will plan and coordinate the preparation of food and drinks.

Core Team

Sangay Lhaden
(Lead Student Food and Event)



Kelzang Nima