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Start-Up Agency

The GCIT+ StartUp is a student-led agency comprising selected GCIT students, providing software development services with innovative UI/UX. The unique aspect of our agency is that students get to work on real industry projects, offering them a chance to gain hands-on experience in the start-up world.

Here are the benefits of being part of GCIT+ StartUp:

  • Students get to work alongside faculty to propose and implement innovative solutions for businesses, which may include product ideation, development, and monetization of digital platforms.
  • Engagement with potentially a wide range of clientele and companies; local to international.
  • Exposure to various job functions and operations in software development and interactive design services.
  • Chance to undertake paid industry projects while pursuing an undergraduate program, giving a competitive advantage upon graduation.
  • Building confidence, competence, and a robust portfolio of accomplishments through these projects.

Whether you are a student planning to launch your own start-up or aiming to enter the workforce after graduation, GCIT+ StartUp can provide you with valuable experiences and skillsets to help you navigate the next phase of your journey.

Howard Yap
(Club Advisor)

Yonten Jamtsho
(Club Advisor)

(Club Advisor)