Project Showcase

GCIT CCA Management System

The project aims to address the limitations of the current system for recognizing and rewarding student participation in co-curricular activities. While certificates are awarded to students holding office-bearer positions or joining clubs for a specified period, there is a lack of recognition for students who propose new ideas and contribute to program development. This has led to an imbalance in effort distribution and an unfair recognition system. Moreover, the existing system lacks transparency and consistent assessment of student participation and contribution.

To overcome these challenges, the project proposes the development of a new system that provides a fair assessment of student involvement in co-curricular activities. This system will motivate students to actively participate in various programs and events, fostering their overall growth. By implementing this system, students will receive recognition based on their contributions, irrespective of their specific roles or positions. The project team aims to create a transparent and consistent evaluation framework that encourages and rewards innovation, active engagement, and meaningful contributions to the co-curricular domain. Through this project, students will be motivated to explore new interests, develop vital skills, and contribute effectively to their school or college community.



Dorji Yangzom (12190050)

Sonam Choki (12190079)

Tashi Namgay (12190086)

Ugyen Dorji (12190101)

Yeshi Dema (12190106)


Guided By: 

Mr. Kim Hoe

Academic Year: Spring Semester 2023