Project Showcase

The Pema by Realm: Booking and Payment System

This project documentation presents an in-depth overview of the research and implementation of a hotel booking and payment system for The Pema Hotel. The main objective of this project was to develop a seamless and user-friendly system that allows customers to easily book hotel rooms online and make secure payments. The documentation begins with an introduction, providing background information on the importance of online hotel booking and payment systems for the hospitality industry. The literature review section explores existing literature and research related to hotel booking systems and online payment gateways. The methodology section outlines the research design and development approach employed for the project. It describes the system’s architecture, databases, and the technologies chosen for the front-end and back-end development. The implementation section provides a detailed explanation of the features and functionalities of the hotel booking and payment system for The Pema Hotel.

In conclusion, this project documentation presents a comprehensive overview of the design, development, and implementation of a hotel booking and payment system for The Pema Hotel. The system offers enhanced convenience and efficiency for customers while providing secure and reliable payment options. This documentation serves as a valuable resource for hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry seeking to streamline their booking processes and improve the overall customer experience. It also suggests potential avenues for future research and development in the field of hotel technology and digital payment systems.



Kezang Dorji (12190059)

Kinzang Dorji (12190061)

Kushal Chhetri (12190064)

Ngwang Yeshi (12190067)

Nima Gyeltshen (12190068)

Samten Wangmo (12190073)

Sonam Choden (12190077)

Thinley Zangmo (12190090)

Ugyen Tenzin (12190104)


Guided By: 

Ms. Sonam Wangmo 

Academic Year: Spring Semester 2023