Project Showcase

DrukeBird (Mobile App)

The aim of DrukeBird is to develop an application to create an organized and centralized platform for gathering and sharing information about bird observations across the country. DrukeBird is a comprehensive and collaborative effort to gather and share data on bird observation in and around Bhutan. It is a React App that allows birdwatchers, researchers and

other people who are interested in learning about the birds to record and store the birds’ sightings, contributing to a vast database of the birds’ information. This abstract provides an overview of DrukeBird, its purpose, features, and significance in the field of ornithology. 

DrukeBird serves as a database center for the birds sighted in and around Bhutan, enabling birdwatchers of all levels of expertise to submit their observations and contribute to a growing knowledge of birds. This application helps to collect important information such as species identifications, locations, dates, and time, allowing for the analysis of the patterns and trends of birds. 

One of the Biggest aspects of DrukeBird is for data collection on the birds, which includes all individuals in giving the information about birds. The information gathered through DrukeBird has far-reaching implications for bird conservation and management. Researchers and conservationists rely on the data to assess bird populations, identify priority areas for conservation efforts, and monitor the impacts of environmental changes and habitat loss. Additionally, DrukeBird data are used in scientific studies, ecological research, and the development of conservation strategies. 

Overall, DrukeBird represents a significant advancement in the field of ornithology, enabling the collective power of birdwatchers and scientists to contribute to a comprehensive and dynamic dataset. By engaging the national community in the collection and sharing of bird observations, DrukeBird has revolutionized the way we understand and conserve the species, making it an indispensable tool for birdwatchers, researchers, and conservationists worldwide besides Bhutan.


Cheki Lhamo (12190043)

Dema Lhamo (12190047)

Karma Choda (12190055)

Nar Bdr Kharka (12190065)

Tshering Wangchuk (12190099)


Guided By: 

Mrs. Jigme Wangmo

Academic Year: Spring Semester 2023