Project Showcase

Prayer Book

The project members  expresses their immense gratitude and appreciation to guide Mr. Yonten Jamtsho for the valuable and constructive suggestions during the planning and development of the project, GCIT Prayer Book. The willingness to give his time so generously  had been very much appreciated. The work would not have been possible without the constant supervision and guidance of the students guide who stimulated encouragement and rendered immeasurable help during the entire project in 2022.

Moreover, the students are immensely thankful to Panel members for providing guidance and reviewing progress with constructive feedback and valuable suggestion which helped a lot while working with the project.

Tandin Jamtsho (12200087)
Tenzin Tshomo (12200090)
Namgyal Wangchuk (12200066)
Kinga Penjor (12200056)

Guided by:
Mr. Yonten

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