Project Showcase

Layog App

In this project, Layog is a cross-platform mobile application built using React Native and Firebase. The absence of proper application for job recruitment and job advertisement in our country is evident. Hence, through this project, we aim to tackle this very problem and make it easier, quicker and reliable for public user to advertise job online as well as apply for job without having having
to follow the conventional job recruitment.

The mobile application targets two different users; those who are looking for a job, be it a temporary job or a full-time office job, and those who wish to advertise job online. Using this application, it benefits both the parties involved in the employment process. The employers are benefited by providing a platform which garners larger audience giving them high possibility of their jobs being viewed by maximum job seekers. At the same time, those looking for jobs are provided with more than one job options to compare and compete. Therefore, in this way, this project wish to fulfill all aspects of job advertisement and recruitment.

Jigme Ngawang Nguldrup (12200049)
Nima (12200067)
Pema Dendup (12200070)
Tshewang Dechen (12200092)

Guided by:
Mr. Tashi Phuntsho

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