Project Showcase

GCIT Finance App

GCIT Finance Web App is a dedicated platform designed exclusively to streamline and enhance the management of Purchase Orders (POs) and invoices for the Finance Department at GCIT (Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology). With the goal of establishing a well-organized and efficient financial system for the college, this web app serves as the go-to solution for managing all financial transactions.

GCIT Finance App revolutionizes financial management at GCIT by offering a variety of user roles, each tailored to specific responsibilities. The Head of Finance Department oversees the entire process, granting approval for Purchase Orders (POs) and invoices, managing their statuses, and accessing insightful financial reports. The Finance Department plays a crucial role in transparency, as its members can view transaction statuses, submit financial documents, and access financial reports. Heads of Departments initiate financial transactions and seek approvals, ensuring compliance with financial policies, while staff members contribute by initiating transactions to support departmental activities. If the number of financial requests exceeds 300,000, it becomes mandatory for the President to review and approve these requests. This structured approach enhances efficiency, transparency, and compliance, ultimately streamlining the college’s financial operations.

Project Team Members:
JIGME DEMA (12200005)
SHYAM BASNET (12200021)