Project Showcase

Asset Tagging Application

Asset tagging application is an online platform where the administrator handles the asset information for GCIT, while general users can scan the QR code to access and view the asset details. The current process of managing asset details has consistently been a time-consuming and tedious task, requiring the administrator to manually record all the relevant information. The Asset Tagging Application is a web-based application designed using the Agile Model as its methodology. It serves as a comprehensive solution developed primarily for the GCIT Finance section to effectively track and manage GCIT’s assets by scanning the QR code for the individual asset.



Dechen Tshomo (12190005)

Jambay Lhamo (12190008)

Leki Chozom(12190012)

Sherab Wangchuck (12190023)

Tashi Namgay (12190029)


Guided By: 

Mrs. Nima Dema

Academic Year: Spring Semester 2023