Project Showcase

Driver Drowsiness Detection

Driver Drowsiness Detection is the topic of our project. The objective of developing this machine learning model and mobile application is because of the accidents caused by drivers who are drowsy. It is becoming one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in Bhutan.Thousands of lives are lost each year because of vehicle accidents caused by drowsy drivers. Drowsiness is accountable for more than 30% of all accidents.

To avoid this, a system is needed that detects drowsiness and alerts the driver, saving the lives of many people. In this, the driver is continuously monitored through mobile app. This model uses image processing techniques which mainly focuses on eye closure of the driver. The model extracts the drivers face and predicts the blinking of eye from eye region. If the blinking rate is high, then the system alerts the driver with an alarm.

Choki Lhamo (12190043)
Kezang Dorji (12190059)
Thinley Wangmo (12190089)
Tshring Wangchuk (12190099)

Guided by:
Mr. Ji PengXiang

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