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TOR for Blockchain Lecturer





1.1     Position Title:               Assistant/Associate Lecturer

1.2     Position Level:             6 & above

1.3     Occupational Group:    Academics

1.4     College/OVC:              Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology



      2.1     Plan and teach blockchain and computer science-related modules.

      2.2     Design and implement assessment items.

     2.3     Contribute to institutional capacity building through innovation and research of curriculum, academic inputs, and international exchange programs.



 3.1 Teaching

a)    Develop and deliver a comprehensive curriculum on blockchain, covering topics such as blockchain network, cryptography, smart contracts, decentralise application development, and front-end development.

b)    Develop and deliver effective lesson plans that meet course objectives and academic standards.

c)   Contribute to curriculum development and designing and revising programs in the subject area.

d)     Provide students with instructional materials, including handouts, presentations, and multimedia resources.

e)     Assess and evaluate student performance through tests, quizzes, assignments, and projects.

f)     Foster a positive, engaging learning environment that encourages student participation and active learning.

g)    Provide academic and career guidance to students, including advising on career paths and job opportunities.

h)    Keep up to date with advances in blockchain technology, techniques, and industry trends.

i)     Collaborate with other faculty members to integrate blockchain principles into other courses and programs.

j)    Contribute to developing or improving teaching-learning and assessment in the subject area.

k)    Participate actively in the development of the discipline’s teaching-learning and assessment strategies.

l)      Contribute to the organization of organizational work.

m)  Advise others (particularly those at the entry-level) on entry-level   teaching-learning and assessment.

n)    Take responsibility for the effective management of allocated resources.

3.2 Research and Innovation

a) Generate funds for the University through research projects, consultancies, and advice;

b)  Supervise research projects and dissertations where these are part of the program (s) of study;

c)  Contribute to the design of research projects and define methods such as conducting surveys and focused interviews;

d)  Carry out literature searches within pre-specified parameters;

e)  Run analysis/interpreting data using specified and agreed on techniques/models;

f)   Prepare summary reports of research methods/findings;

g)  Contribute to dissemination and publication of research findings; and

h)  Carry out small-scale research projects on their own or as a lead in a team and publish some quality papers including a few in reputed journals.


3.3 Services 

a)  Contribute as resource persons, coordinators, or organizers for various professional development activities within the College/University as well as for those outside.

b)  Participate in developing and promoting a clear vision of the College’s/unit’s strategic direction.

c)  Participate as a team member to support senior colleagues, who have delegated responsibility for specific strands of work/sub-units.

d)  Contribute to the operation of the University by participating in decision-making and governance including committees or taskforce as appropriate, at College and/or University level.

e)  Represent and promote the University externally – nationally and internationally e.g. managing relations with external partners and stakeholders;

f)   Coordinate the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, and/or working with relevant experts in the area of specialization; and

g)  Provide guidance to other staff and students.



  •  Teach blockchain development and general computer science-related modules.


a) Education: A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, or a related field

b)Experience: Experience in teaching or working in Blockchain is preferred, but not mandatory.

c) Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

  1.        Ability to demonstrate a high level of commitment to teaching
  2.        Ability to listen and be open to multiple views, perspectives, and feedback
  3.       Engagement in continuous learning and development, and commitment to continuous improvement by way of recognizing changes in personal, interpersonal, and managerial behaviour.
  4.    Sound skills in research, analysis, and dissemination of knowledge mainly by way of publication
  5.   Ability to master a particular field of specialization and provide excellent learning outcomes among the students.