Elective I

Depending on the student’s interests and academic goals, students have the option to select one of the two elective tracks offered, and upon successful completion of each module within the chosen track, they will earn 12 credits towards their degree.

Technopreneurship Elective Track I – Tech Discovery

This module aims to nurture the technopreneurial mindset and spirit in students. They will be able to identify opportunities in both local and global market space and evaluate business ideas using the Business Innovation Framework. Students will also be introduced to branding and marketing, particularly for start-ups, and craft an effective pitch deck from scratch. Through the use of Business Model Canvas, they will be able to visualise and address key areas in the business and create value propositions to customers.


Cybersecurity Elective Track I – Cyber Growth Conversation

In this conversation, we explored the topic of cyber growth, discussing the various aspects and implications of the increasing use and importance of technology in our lives. We then delved into the specific technologies and their applications, covering use cases for Internet, AI, and blockchain, as well as practical research activities for understanding new cyber technology. We also talked about the skills and competencies required for technical specialist. Throughout the conversation, we emphasized the importance of staying up-to-date with technological advancements and being aware of their potential benefits and risks. Overall, our conversation highlighted the rapidly changing landscape of cyber growth and the many opportunities and challenges it presents for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.