Elective III

Depending on the student’s interests and academic goals, students have the option to select one of the two elective tracks offered, and upon successful completion of each module within the chosen track, they will earn 12 credits towards their degree.

Technopreneurship Elective Track III – Tech Venture and Acceleration

This final, two semester long experiential module aims to expose students to the numerous avenues to rapidly progress and scale their technopreneurship venture. They will be introduced to the different stages of start-up funding and the expectations that come at each stage. Student venture teams will be paired with relevant mentors from the faculty or industry. They will also have exclusive access to customised workshops focused on raising competencies to address challenges in their venture and “Shark Tank” pitching sessions to perfect their business pitch. Student will also take part in GCIT’s cornerstone competition, Technopreneurship Hack-to-Compete.


Cybersecurity Elective Track III – Ethical Coding

Ethical hacking is taught using a process of identifying and exposing vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks in a lawful and ethical manner. It involves using the same tools and techniques as malicious hackers but with the goal of improving security rather than causing harm. The main aim of ethical hacking is to identify security weaknesses and prevent cyber attacks before they can cause harm to an organization or individual. Ethical hacking involves various stages, including reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and covering tracks. In each stage, ethical hackers use different tools and techniques to identify security flaws and vulnerabilities, and then report their findings to the organization’s security team. Overall, ethical hacking plays a crucial role in helping organizations stay ahead of cyber threats, and ensures that systems and networks remain secure and resilient against potential attacks.