Elective II

Depending on the student’s interests and academic goals, students have the option to select one of the two elective tracks offered, and upon successful completion of each module within the chosen track, they will earn 12 credits towards their degree.

Technopreneurship Elective Track II – Tech Makerspace

This module aims to provide an applied and collaborative learning experience with the intent to inspire entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. Students will be exposed to the 5 key practices of entrepreneurship education; experimentation, creation, empathy, play and reflection. Student teams will employ the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach for their venture and continuously pivot to serve their targeted market segment better.


Cybersecurity Elective Track II – Secured Coding

Secured coding is the practice of developing software applications that are designed to be resistant to cyberattacks. It involves following secure coding practices and standards to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and threats in the software development process. In secured coding, developers use secure coding techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities in the code, including input validation, error handling, and access control. They also implement security controls, such as encryption, hashing, and secure communication protocols, to protect data from unauthorized access and interception. Overall, the implementation of secured coding practices is essential in protecting software applications from cyber threats and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.