Learning By Doing (LBD) Pedagogy

This pedagogy requires the college to shift from a Teaching to Learning driven paradigm. This paradigm shift was formally launched in Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology with the introduction of the BSc IT Programme in July 2020 with a batch of 60 students. Emphasis was given to the Teach Less Learn More (TLLM) movement to enable the realization of Royal Kasho Vision and enhance the quality of IT education in Bhutan through providing the IT students with more space to learn and explore. This shift will prepare our students to harness the potential of emerging technology and adapt to the changing needs of society.

List of Students Selected For 2021 admission at GCIT

1.Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2.Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Note: All the Selected Candidates will not be eligible to apply for other RUB colleges from 28th May,2021