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Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology (GCIT), officially inaugurated as one of the integral colleges of the Royal University of Bhutan on 6th October 2017. The college is established in Eastern Bhutan with the VISION to be the Center of Excellence in Information Technology steeped in GNH values. It has a mission to accelerate Bhutan’s ICT Talent Development. As such, the college has new education curriculum offerings that are designed to cater to IR4.0 and all its emerging technologies.

The college will have two anchoring schools. School of Digital Media & Development focuses on Rapid Prototyping capability, a finesse in UX/UI design and the overall spectrum of digital media design. Technopreneurship skills in this program will support thought leadership on Go-To Market strategy for the product and services. While School of Computing offers three cutting-edge core specializations, namely, AI & Data Science Development, Blockchain Development and Full Stack Development. Each specialization will have skills to capitalize on Data Insights, to develop blockchain solution with greater security and privacy, and to deploy product and services with greater agility, scalability and reliability. 

The program is taught by qualified and dedicated local and expatriate faculty members. The methodology of “Inquiry-based Learning” is a unique one adopted by GCIT. It aims at giving hands-on experience which helps the students understand the practical implementation aspects and the concepts associated with it. 


GCIT - Bhutan's ICT Talents

Advance knowledge and technology that will serve the nation to be economically and technologically prosperous.